Our 1-year massage therapy diploma program offers you a concentrated, focussed massage therapy education in a shorter time than other schools to give you the maximum value for your education dollar. Any delay in your education at schools offering programs that are 18-36 months long costs you tens of thousands of dollars over your massage therapy career.

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Step 1


Simply fill out the application in the Package to see if you qualify
Step 2


Successfully complete your 12 month accelerated program with I.C.A.T.
*Students must fulfill all the requirements for graduation as set by I.C.A.T. policy.
Step 3


Earn your Massage Therapy Diploma through us, then schedule and pass your C.M.T.O. Exams.
*CMTO will grant RMT designation only after a candidate is successful at the CMTO's entrance to practice exams.
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*I.C.A.T. does not guarantee that acceptance into the program will automatically lead to graduation.
*I.C.A.T. does not guarantee success at C.M.T.O. exams or employment.


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